If you need a heavy-duty tray for easy unloading, here’s a tip.

There’s no need to go to different vendors for your tray and your tipper. We build our tray and tipper together as one unit. We build the tipper specifically for the ute and the tray body, which can be built with different tailgate swing options. Our tipper units are electric/hydraulic, and the easy-to- access switch is located in the cab, or on an optional, hand-held control. All our trays come with heavy-duty floors so are compatible for tippers, but if you need a floor for smoother tipping and high-impact loads you can’t go past our Ultra Heavy-Duty Smooth Floor option.

Tippers are a great way to unload quickly to save time and money, allowing you to make more trips and more money. Our Sloped Rear Coaming option makes for easy cleaning too and saves even more time. By comparison, our competitors’ trays aren’t strong enough to be used as a tipper, tippers aren’t suitable for a general-purpose or universal tray.

Note: Our Tippers are available exclusively for Tip Top Trays


Feature 1

Heavy Duty Steel Powder Coated Sub Frame

Feature 3

Hydraulic Ram

Feature 2

Hydraulic Power Pack

Feature 5

Safety Prop

Feature 1

Circuit Breaker

Feature 4

Isolator Switch

Feature 6

Strong 30mm∅ pin with grease nipple

Feature 7

Up & down switch wired in cab

Tray Build Optional Accessories

450mm Dropsides

Dropside Lining - 3mm Smooth Alloy

Slopped rear combing for easy clean out

Sloped Rear Combing for easy clean out

Heavy duty smooth floor

Heavy Duty Smooth Floor

Tonneau covers

Tonneau Covers

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