Council & Trade Fitouts

Council & Trade Fitouts
Council & Trade Fitouts

Why our specialised fitouts are the number-one choice for councils and tradies.

We have been building successful relationships with NSW Councils and Government Departments over many years, supporting procurement teams and fleet managers to ensure their commercial vehicle needs and budget requirements are met. Experience tells us that communication with the operators who do “the driving” safeguards your vehicle fit for purpose.

Councils tell us we are their number-one choice because we provide and deliver high volumes, reliable service and superior quality fitouts that go the distance under all kinds of demanding conditions.

Some tradies need their commercial vehicles set up with a more specialised fitout specifically suited to their occupation or business needs, maximises the tray carrying space and easy, fluent operation.

Tip Top’s experienced sales people can guide you through a range of options to reach the vehicles potential and meet these requirements such as building specialised racking systems, crane units, toolboxes, specialised lighting, load covers, tippers, tailgate loaders and plenty more other options with all your needs

We supply parts easily and we can do any repairs that may need doing. When it comes time to auction or sell your fleet or trade vehicle, it’s great to know that Tip Top trays attract more buyers of second-hand utes so your investment saves you money and earns money too.

Ask us today, to see how our experienced sales team can help you plan and design the perfect tray fitout for you and your business. Call 1800 35 35 95 or drop into our showroom today

Note: Our Council & Trade Fitouts are available exclusively for Tip Top Trays


Feature 1

Tray length variations increases & various decreases

Feature 2

Folding Drop Sides

Feature 3

Cab Roof Protector

Feature 4

Trundle Tray™

Feature 5


Feature 6

Poly Rope Boxes

Feature 7

Hand Wash Unit

Feature 8

Nudge Bar & H Rack

Feature 9

Bar Mounted Ratchet

Feature 10

Bar Mounted Eyebolt

Feature 11

Cargo Net

Feature 12

Reversing Beeper

Feature 13

LED Rotating Beacon

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