What Price for Safety

What Price for Safety


We had been researching tray tops for some 12 months …and came to the conclusion that Tip Top offered the best in class product, at a price that represented value for money… It also provided the ruggedness and adaptability we were looking for, little did we know, that one day, it would be tested to the extreme and would be instrumental in protecting us from serious injury.

We designed a purpose built camping tray on the back of our “Landie” and had several years of trouble free adventure, we came to… love our set up, the basis of which was the Tip Top Tray.

In October 2010 my wife and I were completing an enjoyable months camping in the….Broken Hill area.

We were literally on our last day heading out of Wilcannia when we had an unfortunate incident, which saw our beloved “Landie” and camping body written off. We rolled end to end and then side to side several times, what a ride!

Fortunately we both scrambled out of the car with nothing more than a bit of dust on us with nothing broken…

Even now when we look back at some of the photos we say that one of the major factors in saving us was the Tip Top Tray, in particular the headboard bar. Through the whole ordeal the tray remained on the car body and was generally intact. Our photos provide evidence of the superior design and manufacture of the Tip Top tray.

Needless to say this experience has strengthened our resolve on the vehicle and equipment we had on it, so much so,  that we have just purchased another “Landie” almost identical to the one we had,  and the first thing we have done is get a new Tip Top tray, say no more!

Yours sincerely,

Rob C


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