Your Aluminium and Powder Coated Steel Trays don’t really need any special care. We simply recommend washing your tray with a clean sponge using the same car wash detergent as you would for the cabin of your vehicle. If you have a tonneau cover this too can be washed at the same time by using the car wash and sponge.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE- Acid, any acid based product or any product that contains acid on or near your tray. Do not use any harsh cleaning implements such as steel wool or wired brushes.


We suggest once a year to drop into our factory for your free yearly service. We will do an overall check and have all mounting points tightened if required. We will also lubricate your hinges and catches.

If you are unable to visit us please ensure that you have your mechanic check and tighten all mounting points and oil your hinges and catches when vehicle is being serviced.

If you have any toolboxes fitted to your tray we also recommend oiling all hinges and locks on a regular basis.

Should you have a Tipper on your Ute, to ensure perfect working order please have your mechanic grease and oil it accordingly at each service.

Please read our warranty terms and conditions for further information


Congratulations on your quality purchase. But there is just one thing you will need to do before you take off on your holiday or fill it up ready to go to work. To ensure the canvas’s longevity, functionality and it being waterproof you will need to “Season” or “Weather” your canvas canopy.

By ensuring that all zippers are zipped and bunji loops are hooked when access is not required, your canvas canopy will continue to keep its shape and not shrink due to the canvas being a natural product.


  1. 1) Make sure the canopy is sitting firmly and straight around the headboard and stabiliser bars.
  2. 2) Zip up / close all openings (It is best to do with nothing in the tray) and tie down all bunji cords.
  3. 3) With your hose wet down all surfaces until completely saturated. This will allow the fibres in the fabric to swell.
  4. 4) Allow it to then dry out completely. The drying process will shrink the fibres back together creating a tighter weave, which will in turn aid with the natural waterproofing properties of canvas and in the seams.
  5. 5) For optimal results repeat the seasoning process two more times. You may need to do this over a number of days to ensure that it is completely dry before it is watered down again.


To clean your canvas canopy, gently brush it down with a soft bristled brush to remove any marks, dirt or dust. Then simply hose it off with clean cold water. We recommend doing this every couple of months. Should you wish to a canvas water proofing spray can be applied as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

DO NOT USE – any car wash, detergents, soaps, bleach, cleaning fluids, petrol, kerosene, turpentine, solvents or any other product not specifically designed for canvas. Use Water Only.

NOTE_ As this is a Removable Canvas Canopy should you need to pack it away, please ensure that it is completely dry before hand to stop mould or mildew forming.

Contact us on 1800 35 3595 for further product maintenance advice & information.

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