If you need info on the best way to buy our trays and accessories, or you want to find out about our repair service and spare parts, or you’re keen to learn about our warranties, or about the best way to maintain your tray, you’ve come to the right page. If you have any questions about our products that you can’t find answers to on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. We’re here to help.

Yes! Most of our accessories can be fitted to an existing Tip Top tray at a later date. Call our sales team on 1800 35 35 95 to confirm.
No. As our Ute trays are built vehicle-specific according to the vehicle's make, model and cab style, our accessories generally do not fit non Tip Top trays. There are some exceptions, such as tool boxes, rubber mats, etc.
Yes, you can add a Trundle Tray to all Tip Top trays, except for the Taipan Tray. Although it is more economical and time-efficient to add a Trundle Tray at the time of fitting a new tray. Note: Trundle Trays cannot be added to any other brand of tray.
Yes, we are able to provide some common spare parts if you have a Tip Top tray and can provide your serial number.
If you live in Sydney or Adelaide we can conveniently fit your tray at our workshops in either Mount Kuring-Gai, Sydney or North Plympton, Adelaide. Alternatively, if you are purchasing your vehicle through a dealer then our mobile fitting team can fit your tray at the dealership, provided they are located within a 3 hour radius of Sydney and Adelaide. If you live outside of these areas we can also freight our products fully assembled to any other major Australian city. Often your local dealership will be able to fit the Tip Top tray to your vehicle for you.
Yes, you are able to purchase a Tip Top tray through any dealership of your choosing and will also be able to include the tray in any finance or insurance packages. We can provide you with an itemised quote to take to the dealer, or they can organise it for you. Please refer to our How to Buy page for more info.
Yes, we can build tailor-made canvas canopies for our Tip Top trays. As canvas canopies are built over the tray they are not available supply-only and will not fit other brands of trays.
Yes, we can remove your tub body and replace it with a Tip Top tray. The tub can either be returned to you on the back of your tray or recycled. Please note: we do not store the tubs or resell them.
We have a wide variety of tray build options available so you can easily customise your tray to suit your needs. To enquire about highly customised trays please call us on 1800 35 35 95.
Because of the way we have designed and engineered our trays, we are able to offer an original owner Lifetime Warranty on all of our heavy-duty alloy Ute trays. When cared for properly, our trays have been known to outlast the life of the vehicle they are fitted to.
As we build made-to-order, our lead times vary depending on the complexity of the job. For basic builds, turnover could be as fast as 5 working days. For highly detailed or specialised solutions lead times may be up to 4-6 weeks.
Our lightest tray is the alloy Fleet Tray, which weighs 115kg, and our heaviest is the steel Contractor Tray which starts at 250kg. Aluminium trays are much lighter than steel trays, but have an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. The final weight of each tray will be dependent on the tray model and which accessories you choose to add.
We believe that Tip Top Alloy Trays are suitable for 98% of applications. Alloy trays have an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio and can even be powder coated in a range of colours. To learn about the pros and cons of steel and alloy trays, read this blog.
Fitting a tray to a Ute will not affect the spare tyre, fuel tank or tow bar, as these are all fitted under the chassis of the vehicle and can remain in their original position. The exception is the spare tyre on the Toyota Landcruiser, which is relocated either underneath the tray or on the headboard.
Our trays have vehicle-specific mounting brackets, rather than a universal system, and are bolted to the vehicle chassis using high tensile bolts and nylon chassis blocks, where required. The benefit of vehicle specific mounts is that they are more secure, increase occupant safety in the event of a collision and increase the trays lateral strength. Our mounting system also allows us to mount trays as low as possible to the chassis, which looks great and is more practical.
Being made-to-order we offer more sizes than most. Generally, we have four different tray lengths available per vehicle.
Yes, here at Tip Top we individually build your headboard to match the height of the roof racks. Simply let us know at the time of quoting and we will ensure they align, to make your job easier.
Yes, we have various racking options available, in a variety of shapes. The headboard design must be selected at time of ordering.
We can remove your reverse sensors and camera from the tub and remount them to the tray. If you have a blind spot monitoring system the original bumper will be left on the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Tip Top trays are built vehicle specific and generally cannot be moved between different makes of vehicle. Although if you are simply upgrading to a newer model of the same vehicle then we can generally remount your existing tray. Call our sales team on 1800 35 35 95 to confirm.
If we are fitting a tray to a cab chassis then we can simply reuse the lights from the dealer. If a vehicle is a pick-up then tail lights are an additional add-on.
Yes, powder coating is now available on both alloy and steel trays in a selection of colours. Common finishes include white, satin black, aztec silver, and charcoal. We do not colour match. For a quote please contact our sales team on 1800 35 35 95, or fill in our easy Online Form.
No, our signwriting services are reserved for Tip Top trays. If you do have one of our trays then we can offer eye-catching vehicle graphics for your drop sides, tool boxes and cabin.
No, a tipper tray must be built from the ground up. Our tipper units are tailor made for your vehicle and the tray is engineered to suit the tipper frame.