Mine Spec

Mine Spec
Mine Spec

Making your vehicle mine-spec compliant could be a minefield with the wrong supplier.

There may be no tougher industry for safety-compliant vehicles than the mining industry. And each mine requires different compliance levels and requirements. We know because we have more experience than most when it comes to transforming commercial vehicles to be mine-spec compliant. And we have the solutions to make sure your vehicles pass the toughest compliance tests. We fit trays with the best mining-industry recognised

products, to transform utes into the safest, strongest mine-spec- compliant vehicles possible. Whether you need beacons, lighting, mine bars, flags, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, HI VIS stripes, window protection or anything else to make your vehicles compliant, we can help. If you’d like to know more, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Note: Our Mining Fitouts are available exclusively for Tip Top Trays

Workspace Optional Accessories

Feature 1

Mine light bar

Feature 2

Mine Spec reflective stripes

Feature 3

Mine Flag

Feature 4

Wheel Chocks

Feature 5

Wheel nut indicators

Feature 6

Fire extinguisher & vehicle bracket

Feature 7

Reversing Beeper

Feature 8

Reversing Squawker

Feature 9

LED warning lights

Feature 10

Poly mudguards - 1 Piece

Feature 11

Hand wash unit

Feature 12

PVC dropside capping

Feature 13

Access grab handle

Feature 14

Canvas Seat Covers

Feature 15


Feature 16

First Aid Kits

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